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Who this is for:

New clients looking for a personalized roadmap to improve their health care experience.



  •    Expert review of your case 

  •    Objective education about your diagnoses and associated      therapies backed by expert-level research   

  •    Assistance with second opinions and logistics of care 

  •    Succinct medical summary and documentation to aid              with coordination between ALL providers

  •    Guidance and preparation to get more from your                      appointments with your providers

  •    Mediation services where appropriate

  •    End of life care planning where appropriate


  •    Initial 1 hour consultation

  •    Flexible telemedicine availability

  •    Review of medical records and background

  •    Follow up with delivery of final recommendations

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Who this is for:

New or existing clients with acute event or hospitalization.


  •    Telemedicine consultation

  •    Guidance on key aspects to communication with                          clinical team

  •    Guidance on what to expect

  •    Synthesis of all relevant information into succinct                        summary, particularly helpful to ensure all providers are            on the same page

  •    Post discharge support coordinating to ensure a                            smooth and safe transition of care (home services, rehab,          or nursing facility) 

  •    Intensive follow up post discharge, reviewing medications

  •    Accountability ally to ensure you stick to the plan


  •    In-hospital accompaniment via tele-

  •    platform pending availability

  •    Research and preparation

  •    30 min follow up with delivery of

  •    materials/recommendations

Don't see your needs addressed on our website?

We strongly believe every situation is unique, so let's have a conversation and see how we can help.  Our goal is to connect you with the right program or person to meet your needs.
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