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Our mission

We are a solutions-oriented health advocacy service guided by our clients' individual values to assist in making decisions about their health care. We empower our clients to navigate the health care system as patients in the most optimal way.

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Our purpose

What is health care advocacy?

The importance of patient advocacy is growing as care and decision making becomes increasingly complex.  The overall goal for any patient advocate is to facilitate the right health care at the right time while aligning with personal values.  An independent patient advocate is a separate resource from your health care provider.  We are focused on you and your needs without the time limitations a provider may face in a hospital or clinical setting.  The goal is to partner with you and your care team to accomplish any number of goals including but not limited to: 

-Enhance your relationship with your providers

-Learn about all treatment options available

-Find appropriate specialists and second opinions where applicable

-Review of your medications and supplements to identify potential interactions

-Ensure cohesiveness among all of your providers

-Increase your confidence in the navigation of your health care journey.


Why health care advocacy?

Sunset in Mountain

What if you had confidence in the right next step for your health care journey?

How would it change things?

We can review records, perform in depth research to help clients move forward with the right specialist or 2nd opinion, understand risks/benefits to procedures/treatments.


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Mountainous Region

What if you had a second pair of eyes to review your prescriptions?

Prescription Review

Medication interactions are common.  We can review your list often from multiple providers to advise where further review is needed from your providers. 

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Mountain Ridge

What if you had the tools to follow through on the recommendations made by your providers?

Home Care and Geriatric Services Arrangement
Arranging everything to keep your family safe at home particularly during transition of care as well as coordinating care between multiple providers.

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Mountain Trail

What if you fully understood the problems and the possible solutions?

Expert Review

Interpreting the information available online can be just as difficult as navigating the health care system.  We can help frame the available data and interpret it to your specific circumstances.



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Mountains Meet Lake

What if there was someone to guide my family through difficult decisions?

Family Mediation
Where disagreements occur in the care of a loved one, we review all the information available and advocate for our clients to address difficult decisions.

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Mountain Path

What if your care plan was tailored to you as an individual?

Shared Decision Making Guidance

Aligning your goals and values with your physician's treatment plan when care is complex is difficult.  We can navigate this conversation.

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Navigating in Woods

What if you felt you had optimal health?

Wellness Coaching
Goal setting and accountability in your health should be no different than any aspect in life.  We can help. 

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Don't see your needs listed here?

Every case is unique.

If your needs are not listed in one of our packages, we will work with you to find the right person or path.

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Together at the Top

What if you knew the vital information to provide and the key questions to ask of your healthcare providers?

Accompaniment to Appointments
Have an expert either with you or to prepare you for your visits. We can help clients ask the right questions.  We take notes and help our clients keep appropriate documentation so all relevant information is communicated between providers.

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Who We Help

We focus on clients or work with families of clients who want to improve their approach to their health care.  We also have services available for those who are interested in optimizing their health and looking toward preventative measures.

We take a multimodal approach to your services.  We evaluate with by conversation and a thorough review of all existing data.  We rely on evidence and experience to educate you.  Finally, we advocate by following an action-oriented, customized framework. 

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How We Help

Women Holding Hands

Why We Help

We want all of our clients to feel empowered in their own health care after working with us.  You and your family will learn how to ask the right questions and feel more satisfied with your health care experience.  Feel confident that the right actions have been taken to arrive at the right decision for you.

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