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Personal Health Care Consultants

Charting a path to better health care.

Who we are

The Atlas Health Alliance is a physician-driven group focusing on health care advocacy.  We help our clients transform their approach to their healthcare.  As the field of medicine continues to advance, the complexity of healthcare grows.  We partner with your health care team to provide expert guidance with a customized, concierge-style approach. 

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Our story

We are two physicians who want to contribute to health care in a new way.   Since becoming childhood friends  we began the very long road toward careers in medicine.  This has included formal education and training as well as academic careers, preparing us to become leaders in our field.  However, along the way we have learned there is an unmet need.  The continued advancement in medicine and demands on the health care system have led to increasing complexity of care which makes it difficult for patients to navigate the system and advocate for themselves and their loved ones. 

Stepping into this world of medicine as a patient can be a black box.  What if everyone had the insider knowledge about medicine and the health care system?  What if you could access the health care system like a doctor? How could that influence a patient's care and the experience?  Would it change the decisions they make?

To the many that feel lost or overwhelmed in their health care journey: we can help.  It has taken a combined two decades of intense training and practice to learn how to navigate the health care system.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals as your health care consultants and advocates.

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Success Stories

"Dr. G has made a significant impact on my healthcare experience. She openly listens to my concerns without judgement or haste, validates my personal experience and makes me feel heard.  She answers my questions in a way that is both clear and direct.  When working with Dr. G I feel well equipped with a clear plan of next steps that aligns with my values and health objectives. Dr. G is extremely passionate when it comes to caring for others and I've grown to fully trust her during stressful health experiences. "

AV, Boston

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